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The Juke: A Blues Bacchae

This show is a little outside our usual Micro-Theatre bailiwick, but sometimes you just have to go with a great idea.

The Juke: a Blues Bacchae is a remarkable musical adaptation of Euripides' classic tragedy by award-winning poet/performer Regie Gibson. Set in the small town of Crossroads, Mississippi, it chronicles the fight between D'nysus, the divine son of the God of Blues, with his cousin Pent, defender of the Gospel faith, for the soul of the town.

With foot-stomping, spirit-shaking music, and gut-wrenching poetic language, this powerful human tale will astonish you.

R&J: a non-binary Romeo and Juliet

"Two Houses, both alike in Dignity..."

The greatest tragic love story ever told. Brought to life by two gender-fluid actors, this production will get to the core of what it means to love, and fight, and die. Challenging assumptions, rewriting the rules, this bold new take on a classic story will change the way you think about the world.