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A tour de force solo performance

This fast-paced adventure story explores the themes of regret, isolation and the interconnected relationship between human beings and the natural world we inhabit. It takes its inspiration from "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner", a poem about an 18th-century sailor who is cursed with immortality and is thrust into the modern world.

Written and performed as a rollicking sea yarn, Albatross delivers a profound and relevant message about mindfulness and the effect of our thoughtless actions on all living things. The audience sets sail in a spare but visually thrilling stagecraft, powered by the latest multimedia technology. Immersed in this sensory otherworld, audiences come to find out who the Mariner is, why he must forever tell his story, and what he is searching for as he roams the earth.

Called "Spell Binding" by WBUR Boston, "Captivating" by The Boston Globe, and praised as "impressive and dazzling" with its "striking dramatic text" and its "exhilarating language" by The Arts Fuse, Boston, Albatross thrilled audiences at its premiere at The Poets' Theater, Boston.